ARTESANAL Cia. de Teatro


Louse Skin

The play has its aesthetics based on medieval farces; it is adapted from a traditional short story that was collected by Luís Antonio da Câmara Cascudo.
After meeting a giant louse in his room, the king orders that the insect is killed and uses the Louse’s skin to make the cover of a chair. Only then he finds out that the Louse he killed was the princess’ pet, and she hoped that, with a kiss, she would transform it into a prince.
Frustrated with what seems to be his daughter's wild behavior, the king decides to star a contest. Whichever man finds out what was the material used to cover chair, may have his daughter's heart. That's when João appears, a poor young man who is trying his luck and ends up having to conquer the princess' heart.


Couro de Piolho
"The group’s sixth play maintains the company’s high quality of work, The cast is comic in the right measure. And it is about Brazil’s folklore, it is delicious."
Isabel Butcher - VEJA RIO magazine

[PHOTO] Gustavo Bicalho

[GRAPHIC DESIGN] Gustavo Bicalho

[COSTUMES] Fernanda Sabino e Henrique Gonçalves



Written by: Edeilton Medeiros e Kátia Kamello
Directed by: Gustavo Bicalho e Henrique Gonçalves
Cast: César Amorim, Edeilton Medeiros, Isabel Azevedo e Kátia Kamello
Musical Research: Gustavo Bicalho
Musical Director and Vocal Coach: Débora Garcia
Movement director: Daniela Cavanellas
Miming Coach: Álvaro Assad
Light Designer: Alexandre Nazareth
Costume Design and Props by: Fernanda Sabino e Henrique Gonçalves
Make-up Artist: Nilton Marques
Set Design and Props by: Karlla de Luca
Graphic Designer and Photographer: Gustavo Bicalho


Assistant Light Designer: Isabel Azevedo
Light Operator: Poliana Pinheiro
Costume Makers: José Reis e Zeny Gonçalves
Cenotécnico: Roberto de Luca

Marketing Team:

PR: Cid Borges
Media Agency: Artesanal Produções Artísticas

Production staff:

Production Manager: Henrique Gonçalves
Producer: Kátia Kamello
Year of Production: Artesanal Cia. de Teatro / 2003