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Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni is a free adaptation of Mozart's Opera. Loyal to Lorenzo da Ponte's libretto, the play kept the opera's universal spirit, working as a comedy. The songs by Mozart are used incidentally, and they are all played and sung live by the actors. In this adaptation, Don Juan was turned into a kiss collector.
By trying to win one more lady's heart, Don Giovanni is caught by her father, the Commander, and ends up killing him during their confrontation. The hero runs away and keeps living numerous adventures. The Commander's daughter, disconsolate, seeks to avenge her father's death. In the end, all the ones who were fooled by Don Giovanni unite against him to put an end to his adventures; and then, the already dead Commander, ends up taking him to the "other world".

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Don Giovanni
"There are no excesses; the creative simplicity is the central pillar not only of the perfectly designed set and its appropriate props, but also of the costumes, to which the actors integrate, creating a live body."
Carlos Augusto Nazareth - JORNAL DO BRASIL critique/review

[PHOTO] Gustavo Bicalho

[GRAPHIC DESIGN] Gustavo Bicalho

[COSTUMES] Fernanda Sabino and Henrique Gonçalves



Written by: Gustavo Bicalho about Lorenzo da Ponte’s book
Directed by: Gustavo Bicalho and Henrique Gonçalves
Cast: César Amorim, Cid Borges, Daniela Cavanellas, Edeilton Medeiros, Isabel Azevedo, Kátia Kamello and Nilton Marques
Songs by: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Musical Director and Vocal Coach: Débora Garcia
Movement Director: Paulo Mazzoni
Acting Coach: Lorena da Silva
Light Designer: Alexandre Nazareth
Costume Design and Props by: Fernanda Sabino and Henrique Gonçalves
Make-up Artist: Nilton Marques
Set Design, Set Props, Swords, Masks by: Karlla de Luca
Banner Designer: Wagner Zieg and Marcelo A. Lopes
Graphic Designer and Photographer: Gustavo Bicalho


Assistant Light Designer and Operator: Poliana Pinheiro
Assistant Costume Designer: Marta Paiva
Costume Pattern Cutter: Paulo Cesar de Andrade
Seamstresses: Célia Soares and Zeny Gonçalves
Shoe Maker: Aluisio Domingos
Set Builder: Roberto de Luca

Marketing Team:

PR: Cid Borges
Marketing Agent: Áurea Bicalho Guimarães
Media Agency: Artesanal Produções Artísticas

Production staff:

Production Manager: Henrique Gonçalves
Producers: Evandro Rius and Marta Paiva
Year of Production: Artesanal Cia. de Teatro / 2004