ARTESANAL Cia. de Teatro


The World’s Short Stories

This production makes use of traditional and animation theatre and it tells the story of a king who was abandoned by his luck and decides to go on a journey in search of the cure for a strange disease that hit his son – the prince.
They join each other in this journey filled with mysterious characters, a mysterious knight and a boy, who all seem to be heading to the same destination.
Zilka Sallaberry Theatre for Children Award/ 2007 – Best Costume Design.
The text was written from four traditional stories that came from Afghanistan, France, Italy and Russia.


"The World’s Short Stories is an original and surprising show taken to its audience in a playful and beautiful way by a fine cast."
João Fonseca - Diretor F. Privilegiados

[PHOTO] Celso Medeiros


[COSTUMES] Fernanda Sabino and Henrique Gonçalves



Written by: César Amorim, Edeilton Medeiros and Gustavo Bicalho
Directed by: Antônio Karnewale, Gustavo Bicalho and Lorena da Silva
Cast: Adelmo Milani, André Pimentel, César Amorim, Deborah Wood, Isabel Azevedo, José Caminha and Tatá Oliveira
Musical Research: Gustavo Bicalho
Movement director: Antônio Karnewale
Puppet movement choreographer and Coach: Márcio Nascimento
Light Designer: Alexandre Nazareth
Costume Design and Props by: Fernanda Sabino and Henrique Gonçalves
Make-up Artist: Nilton Marques
Set Design, Set Props and Puppets by: Karlla de Luca
Graphic Designer: Publitetto
Photographer: Jackeline Nigri


Light Operator: Valdemir Almeida
Costume Pattern Cutter and Seamstress: Valkiria Araújo
Set Builder: Toninho

Marketing Team:

PR: Evandro Rius
Media Agency: Artesanal Produções Artísticas

Production staff:

Production Manager: Henrique Gonçalves
Producer: Marta Paiva
Year of Production: Artesanal Cia. de Teatro / 2007