ARTESANAL Cia. de Teatro


Journey to the Center of the Earth

The early cinema from the Lumiere brothers and Georges Melies was the primary inspiration to the play's aesthetics.
They show uses a variety of narrative techniques; it mixes shadow theatre, puppets and projections to tell the story of the renowned Lindenbrock Teacher, who at the end of the 19th century, goes on an adventurous trip towards the center of the earth, accompanied by his nephew Axel and an Icelandic guide called Hans.
During the adventure, the characters have to fight against obstacles like an enormous underground sea that hides monsters and a giant mushroom forest that holds prehistoric beings.


"The stage is taken by a world of astonishing objects, references from olden times, beautiful and finely made costumes, overwhelming scenic compositions and charming theatrical tricks."
Tânia Brandão - FIT São José do Rio Preto

[PHOTO] Camila Ribeiro

[GRAPHIC DESIGN] Gustavo Bicalho

[COSTUMES] Fernanda Sabino e Henrique Gonçalves


Cast & Creative:

Written by: Jules Verne
Translated and Adapted by: Gustavo Bicalho
Directed by: Gustavo Bicalho and Henrique Gonçalves
Cast: Cid Borges, Edeilton Medeiros, Kátia Kamello and Nilton Marques
Musical Research: Gustavo Bicalho
Movement director: Paulo Mazzoni
Acting Coach: Lorena da Silva
Puppet movement choreographer and Coach: Márcio Nascimento
Light Designer: Alexandre Nazareth
Costume Design and Props by: Fernanda Sabino and Henrique Gonçalves
Make-up Artist: Nilton Marques
Set Design, Set Props and Puppets: Karlla de Luca
Video and Graphic Design by: Gustavo Bicalho
Banner Photo by: José M. Goes
Photography by: Camila Ribeiro, Jackeline Nigri and Marcelo Seixas

Video team

Direction and Editing: Gustavo Bicalho
Video Wizard: Luiz Henrique Ratts
Actor: Francisco Cavanellas Mazzoni
Art of painting: Renata de Luca


Light Designer Assistent: Isabel Azevedo
Light Operator: Poliana Pinheiro
Sound Operator: César Amorim
Costume Pattern Cutter: Glória Tranjan
Seamstress: Zeny Gonçalves
Shoe Maker: Ernesto Spain
Wig and Beard: Maria Gomes
Assistant light designer and Props: Edeilton Medeiros
Set Builder: Roberto de Luca

Marketing Team:

PR: Evandro Rius
Media Agency: Artesanal Produções Artísticas

Production staff:

Production Manager: Henrique Gonçalves
Producer: Cid Borges e Marta Paiva
Year of Production: Artesanal Cia. de Teatro / 2005