About us


One of the outstanding characteristics of Artesanal is the artistic quality of its performances, which makes the group a reference in what is best for children and young adults.


With an innovative and contemporary language, the Artesanal Cia. de Teatro, since its creation in 1995, has accumulated several nominations and relevant awards, with wide recognition by the public, press and criticism.

The group invests in the research of a narrative language, which is based on the convergence of various techniques, such as puppet theater, shadow, masks, singing, cinema and video graphics, always putting the actor at the center of the performance and stimulating the dialogue provided between these techniques and the scene on stage.

Recently, Artesanal has also invested in the research of a contemporary dramaturgy for the young audience, based on an intense study of authors and stagings performed for this specific audience around the world.

With an extreme aesthetic rigor, intelligent texts and careful and well elaborated productions, Artesanal presents an authorial work, able to please the public of all ages. In all these years, the group is considered a national and international reference, having presented its performances in countries like Germany and China.

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