Writen by:
  • Andrea Batitucci
  • Gustavo Bicalho
Directed by:
  • Gustavo Bicalho
  • Henrique Gonçalves
  • Alexandre Scaldini
  • Brenda Villatoro
  • Bruno de Oliveira
  • Marise Nogueira
  • Carol Gomes
  • Tatá Oliveira
Violet, a 4 year old girl, is looking forward to the arrival of her little brother Blue. At first, she is frustrated with the fact that he is still a baby, which requires the constant attention of the parents. However, time passes and the boy proves to be different from the other children, with a more introverted behavior, difficulty in developing speech and hyperfocus on some objects. Violet tries to find ways to interact with her brother, discovering that music creates a bridge of connection between them and that time plays an even more important role in their stories. Blue is a touching story that talks about fraternal love, being indicated for the whole family.

Rated G
Creative staff:
Radio voice-out: Cleiton Rasgah
Puppets and masks creation and manufacture: Dante
Puppets movement choreography and theater mask's coach: Marise Nogueira
Movement direction: Paulo Mazzoni
Vocal coach: Verônica Machado
Consulting for Accessibility and Inclusion: Cris Muñoz
Costume design and props: Fernanda Sabino and Henrique Gonçalves
Set design, props and Whale puppet: Karlla de Luca
Light design: Rodrigo Belay
Musical research: Gustavo Bicalho
Sound design: Luciano Siqueira
Seamstress: Maria Helena
Set builder: Antônio Ronaldo
Stage manager: Alexandre Scaldini
Light operator: Peder Salles and Poliana Pinheiro
Sound operator: Pedro Quintaes
Marketing Team:
Graphic designer: Dante
Photography: Christina Amaral, João Júlio Mello e Noelia Nájera
Cinematography: Chamon Audivisual
PR: Evandro Rius
Social media: Tatá Oliveira
Media agency: Alexandre Aquino
Production Staff
Production manager: Henrique Gonçalves
Producer: Marta Paiva
Concept: Artesanal Cia. de Teatro
Sponsored by Banco do Brasil
Year of production: Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil/2023

Effortlessly, and with a brutal simplicity very well printed on all layers of the artwork, Blue reaffirms the need to continue making theater through the centuries. Simply a scenic prayer at the center of the human spirit.

Marcio Tito / Critique review