The world’s short stories


Writen by:
  • César Amorim
  • Edeilton Medeiros
  • Gustavo Bicalho
Directed by:
  • Antonio Karnewale
  • Gustavo Bicalho
  • Lorena da Silva
  • Adelmo Milani
  • André Pimentel
  • César Amorim
  • Deborah Wood
  • Isabel Azevedo
  • José Caminha
  • Tatá Oliveira
This production makes use of traditional and animation theatre and it tells the story of a king who was abandoned by fortune and decides to go on a journey in search of the cure for a strange disease that hit his son – the prince. 
 They join each other in this journey, filled with weird characters, a mysterious knight and a boy, who all seem to be heading to the same destination. 
 The text was written from four traditional stories that came from Afghanistan, France, Italy and Russia.

- Zilka Sallaberry Theatre for Children Award/2007 – Best Costume Design.

Rated G
Creative Staff:
Musical research: Gustavo Bicalho
Movement director: Antônio Karnewale
Puppet movement choreographer and coach: Márcio Nascimento
Light designer: Alexandre Nazareth
Costume design and props: Fernanda Sabino and Henrique Gonçalves
Make-up artist: Nilton Marques
Set design, set props and puppets: Karlla de Luca
Light operator: Valdemir Almeida
Sound operator: Gustavo Bicalho
Costume pattern cutter and seamstress: Valkiria Araújo
Set builder: Toninho
Marketing Team:
Graphic designer: Publitetto
Photography: Jackeline Nigri
PR: Evandro Rius
Media agency: Artesanal Produções
Production Staff:
Production manager: Henrique Gonçalves
Producer: Marta Paiva
Year of production: Artesanal Cia. de Teatro/2007

The World’s Short Stories is an original and surprising show taken to its audience in a playful and beautiful way by a fine cast.

João Fonseca / Director of the F. Privilegiados Theater Group