Tatá – the pillow


Writen by:
  • Andrea Batitucci
  • Gustavo Bicalho
  • Patrícia Von Studnitz
Directed by:
  • Gustavo Bicalho
  • Henrique Gonçalves
  • Alexandre Scaldini
  • Brenda Villatoro
  • Cleyton Diirr
  • Edeilton Medeiros
  • Lívia Guedes
  • Marise Nogueira
  • Márcio Nascimento
  • Tatá Oliveira
Lipe is a shy introspective boy, who has as best friend his pillow, Tatá. They form an inseparable pair, always ready to live great adventures in the most exciting and amusing dreams. However, one day, Tatá disappears and Lipe believes that he was kidnapped by the Pirate of Dreams - a villain who steals the children’s pillows, so he can have dreams himself. Lipe undertakes a rescue journey in order to save his best friend, accompanied by Neil, a modern pillow with Nasa’s technology, and by the cat of the house, Alice. Together, they will have to face their fears and anguishes, using only their imagination.

Rated G
Creative staff:
Narrated by Cleiton Rasgah
Puppets created and executed by Bruno Dante
Puppets movement choreographer and coach: Márcio Nascimento
Movement director: Paulo Mazzoni
Mask and technical support for the use of mask: Marise Nogueira
Vocal coach: Verônica Machado
Musical research: Gustavo Bicalho
Sound designer: Luciano Siqueira
Costume design and props: Fernanda Sabino and Henrique Gonçalves
Puppet’s costume design: Bruno Dante
Set design and set props: Karlla de Luca
Light designers: Poliana Pinheiro and Rodrigo Belay
Light operator: Gabriel Prieto e Poliana Pinheiro
Sound operator: Luciano Siqueira
Set builder: Jessé Natan
Stage manager: Edeilton Medeiros
Marketing Team:
Graphic designer: Bruno Dante
Photography: Christina Amaral, João Júlio Mello e Lincoln Grosso
Video recording: Bruta Flor Filmes
PR: Evandro Rius
Media agency: Alexandre Aquino
Production Staff:
Production manager: Henrique Gonçalves
Year of production: Artesanal Cia de Teatro/2019

One more play about a shy introspective child that has been bullied? Yes. But what a play! So many right things! So many talent! So many technic! Equal but different! Ah, do you think that a review full of exclamations marks is less then a review?!!! This is how I know to write my critics.

Dib Carneiro Neto / Critique/Review