Why not all days are sunny days?


Writen by:
  • Gustavo Bicalho
Directed by:
  • Gustavo Bicalho
  • Henrique Gonçalves
  • Bruno de Oliveira
  • Débora Salem
  • Edeilton Medeiros
  • Lívia Guedes
  • Marise Nogueira
Divided in four distinct stories, each one narrated by a unique technique and language, the show brings light upon the moment that we leave being childish behind. The universe exploited in the stories are a review of our memories, resigned by the theatrical language. They’re simple and poetic stories, told through the use of puppets, masks, animated objects and video projections.

- São Paulo Theatre Incentive for Children and Youth Award / 2016 - Best Light Design.

Rated G
Creative Staff:
Vocal coach: Verônica Machado
Movement director: Paulo Mazzoni
Puppets movement choreographer and coach: Márcio Nascimento
Technical support for the use of objects: Marise Nogueira
Masks and technical support for the use of mask: Flávia Lopes and Marise Nogueira
Puppets: Bruno Dante
Musical research: Gustavo Bicalho
Sound designer: Luciano Siqueria
Animation: Rafael Cazes e Renata Nassur
Vídeo-mapping: Dado Marietti
Set design and set props: Karlla de Luca
Costume design and props: Fernanda Sabino and Henrique Gonçalves
Light designers: Poliana Pinheiro and Rodrigo Belay
Light operator: Poliana Pinheiro and Rodrigo Belay
Sound and video operator: Luciano Siqueira
Set builder: João Bardavid
Costume pattern cutter: Glória Tranjan
Seamstresses: Ateliê das Meninas
Shoe maker: Gomes Sapatos
Marketing Team:
Graphic designer: Gabriela Gil
Photography: Christina Amaral and Jackeline Nigri
PR: Evandro Rius
Media agency: Minas de Ideias
Video recording: Chamon Audiovisual
Production Staff:
Production manager: Henrique Gonçalves
Year of production: Artesanal Cia. de Teatro/2016

Using delicate visual poetry, the performance brings four narratives that deal with growth, each one conveyed with a different technique, like the use of masks and object animation. Some have intergenerational dialogues, such as that of the boy who discovers the meaning of the word "memory" during a meeting with an elderly woman.

Gabriela Romeu / Journalist specialized in childhood - Folha de São Paulo